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Joy To Live Compensation Plan


Joy To Live has the most fair and powerful compensation plan ever created. It incorporates the strengths of both the Unilevel and the Forced Matrix comp plans. Watch the video below as John Austin explains this amazing comp plan and the enormous amount of money that can be made on a monthly basis.

A typical forced matrix creates some spillover but the Joy To Live 3×10 Forced Matrix will probably create more spillover than any other matrix in network marketing history!

The typical Unilevel has historically produced the most stable residual incomes. Joy To Live has turned our matrix into a Unilevel by giving you a brand new 3×10 matrix placed into the first open position of your own matrix each time you refer a new person. This is the most ingenious advancement in a compensation plan in the past 50 years.

This is the first comp plan ever designed that doesn’t have a single downside.

Here are some examples mentioned in the video regarding the Joy To Live Compensation Plan

    • You sponsor John who is a big network marketer. Over time he fills up his entire matrix and is making $100K per month. If you were smart and joined or upgraded to a Diamond, you would also earn $100K per month just from what John does! Lets say that when you sponsored John he spilled over and landed on Dave’s first level (who you also sponsored). Dave (if he is a diamond) would earn up to $35K per month just from what John does. And you would also make $35K per month from matching his income. Now Dave will be super motivated to go out and start getting his own personals which will put even more money in your pocket!This same scenario could repeat itself for every personally sponsored person you introduce to Joy To Live!
    • Lets say that you sponsor 3 people your first month. Then each of those 3 sponsor their own 3 the next month. If this continues for just ten months your matrix would be full and you could be making up to $100K per month!
    • Regarding Fast Start Bonuses, when you sponsor a Diamond you earn $450. When that Diamond sponsors his own Diamond you earn $135. Just keep repeating that over and over again and watch you income continue to explode!

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If you plan on joining a network marketing company, you might as well join the one with the best and fairest compensation plan in the entire industry!


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